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Welcome to my website.

My name's Xavi Fradera. I've worked in the videogame industry since 1991. I worked as a 2D artist, 3d artist, Art Director, Game Designer, 3rd Party Producer and Game Producer.

I have a great experience in all videogame creation processes, from the initial idea untill the Gold Master. Capable of transmitting enthusiasm to all the team members and creating a highly motivated and effective working atmosphere.

Specialiced on Internal and External Production. Managing all game development processes (both technical and art), very creative in gameplay, assuring quality, budget and schedule. Also confident on dealing with licensors, publishers, technology owners and managing outsourcing.

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August 2015 - (Current Job): I've worked at King as a Game Producer. My duties at King are to lead, manage and motivate a development team, working on an Agile environment, and holding the vision of a new IP.

October 2011 - July 2015: I worked at Social Point as a Game Producer and Designer. In charge of the production and design on different IPs. Leading, managing and motivating the team to get a good balance between gameplay, quality and schedule. Creating new gameplay mechanics through constant iteration until get the fun factor for new IPs from scratch. Designing and implementing new features to make the game more fun, viral and profitable. Using Intelligence tools to check all KPI game metrics to match the game with the users behavior. Coordinating all game service elements (Data analytics, Community Management, Backend, QA, Marketing...) to get established goals on live games.

2015 - DRAGON LAND: Production and Design of the core gameplay mechanics.

2015 - 3rd Party Producer on casual games developed by external teams (iOS and Android).

2013 to 2014 - DRAGON CITY: Production (Facebook social game).

2012 to 2015 - SOCIAL WARS: Production & Design (Facebook social game).

2011 to 2015- SOCIAL EMPIRES: Production & Design (Facebook social game).

December 2008 - September 2011: I worked on Virtual Toys, designing and producing videogames for all platforms. I was in charge of a development team, managing and leading it to assure a good balance between gameplay, quality and schedule.

2011: FREAK WARS: TORRENTE ONLINE 2 - beta (PC). Associate production and some game design tasks.

2010: HELLO FLOWERZ (DSiWare, PSP/PS3 minis). Team production and game design.

2009: IMAGINE RESCUE VET (DSi). Team production.


September 2007- December 2008: I produced games which developed external teams for Gammick Entertainment S.L., creating and writing new ideas, controling the entire creation process, managing outsourcing for our developers, controling deadlines and milestones of the entire project and assuring the quantity of all contents, the quality and the budget.

2008: PENGUINS & FRIENDS (WIIWare). Preproduction and game design.

2008: FAMILY & FRIENDS PARTY (WIIWare). Thrid party production and game design.

2008: ELITE FORCES: UNIT 77 (DS). Third party production.

2008: FRITZ CHESS (WII, Xbox360, PS3, DS , IPhone, IPod). Third party production and game design.


2006- 2008: Teacher at the Master "Diseño y creación de videojuegos" (Design and creation of Videogames) at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, teaching game design and texture creation for videogames.


April 2005- September 2007: Freelance Computer Graphics Artist for advicement and architecture.


October 2004- March 2005: Game Designer at Gameloft. Designing some different mobile games.

October 1991- October 2004
: Graphic Artist, Art Director and Game Designer at Gaelco S.A. Gaelco S.A. is an important company that creates, realises and produces coin-op arcade games.

2004 - "INMERSION": (Coin slot machine). Redesign of an early idea for a gamble game, where I've reorganized everything, added a WW2 submarines ambient and added new more minigames.

2004 - "QUIZ": CROSSWORD (Mobile). It's a mobile crosswords game which used the name of a branded Spanish magazine. I designed the game and did all graphics.

2004 - GAME "RING RIDERS" (Coin-op). The game is about a bike competition in which you have to get the high score to win. To get points you have to go through coloured rings sited on the way and make some acrobatics on jumps. I did the game design and associate production, so driving stile, level design, final art work, etc were under my responsibility. I've been in charge of a 15 member team (graphics artists and programmers) assuring project milestones.

2002 - GAME "ATV TRACK: QUADS ON AMAZONE" (Coin-op). I worked on the development of an ATV sport game that rides through the Amazone. I started with an idea of mine and then I wrote the script of the game, designed all the stages, the gags that happen on them and adjusted driving style and playability.


1999 - GAME "SMASHING DRIVE" (Coin-op). I created together with de game designer, the New York's look in this game. I made the decoration of some circuits too: 3d modelling, texture mapping and 2d artist.


1998 - GAME "ROLLING EXTREME (STREET LUDGE)" (Coin-op). In this sport game I made the decoration of some circuits: 3d modelling, texture mapping and 2d artist.

1997 - GAME "RADIKAL BIKERS" (Coin-op). I created all circuits. I made the decoration of some circuits too: 3d modelling, texture mapping and 2d artist.

1996 - GAME "SPEED UP" (Coin-op). I worked creating the cars an some circuits. 3d modelling, texture mapping and 2d artist.


1995 - GAME "TOUCH AND GO (BEACH VOLEY)" (Coin-op): I created all the backgrounds and its landscape animation.

1993 - GAME "ALLIGATOR HUNT" (Coin-op): I made the design and animation of some enemies, like the main alien alligator and some alien spaceships.

1992 - GAME "SQUASH" (Coin-op): I created all the backgrounds.

1991 - GAME "THUNDER HOOP" (Coin-op): I realised the FX of the game, like explosions, special bullets...


2007: Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona - "Essential Aspects in Company Managing"

1988 - 1991: Escola de Comic JOSO - Qualified as a Comic Artist, Illustrator and Scriptwriter. (

1980 - 1984: Institut de batxillerat de Sant Feliu de Llobregat - BUP

1991 - Current days: My Experience - All I know about videogames was learned doing my job: 3rd Party Production, Internal Team Production, Team Management, Game Design, Animation, 3D Art, Texturing and 2D Art.

I have a good command on Microsoft Project, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint. I have also good command on 3dsmax and its different Render Engines (Mental Ray, Vray, Final Render), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Combustion, Realflow, Image Ready, AutoCad, Autodesk Architectural Desktop and Dreamweaver.


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