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Year of publication: 2009

Developer: Shanblue (DS) / Freedom Factory (WII/PS3)- Production: Gammick Entertainment S.L.- Publisher: Deep Silver.

Platform DS - I designed and produced this IP for Nintendo DS. Fritz Chess is the best chess player ever. The game was designed for the adult target, so I added all kind of features to satisfy them: Practice mode, Rated mode, 3 different chess varieties, many difficulty levels, 2000 best matches ever data base, chess problems, multiplayer... and many different kind of helps to let Fritz teach you while playing.

Platform WII / PS3 - This design is based on Nintendo DS game design, but because we wanted to make it more suitable for the "family target", we added a whole new part more suitable for children. In this new part, you have to enter into a castle and beat all sort of character you'll find on the way. They will challenge you through different chess proves.


Fritz has defeated the best players in the world, and has become in its own right the best chess player that has ever existed. And now, Fritz wants you to be his next opponent. His power makes him the best companion to guide you through your exciting journey through the boards. Fritz automatically recognizes your level of play, adjusting automatically, and gradually improving. Get ready to challenge your friends, or show who's the Chess King of the house!

Now you can enjoy it with completely new game modes. Fighting in Adventure mode against adversaries such as the Queen's absurd Buffoon or the dreaded Black Knight, and get new pieces for your collection in the Master of Chess Tournament. Would you prefer to train your mind before each challenge with the Puzzles? Are you ready for the challenge of Chess 960? Will you be able to face the challenge of Giveaway Chess in which to win… you have to lose? Let yourself be guided by your new game companion!

Fritz: Check your new mate!











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