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Year of publication: 1997

Platform: Coin Op - Developer: Gaelco S.A. - Publisher: Gaelco S.A

Since the year in which this game was shiped, 1997, Radikal Bikers has been a great international success. I did the circuits design as a main task, but I designed, modelled and texturized some stages as well.

You're a pizza man riding fast on your bike through the crazy traffic of an italian city. You have to deliver your pizza before other competence companys could do it.

In this game we chose a comic and cartoon aestetic. The problem was that, on those times, the technic we had doesn't let us work comfortable, nevertheless, we squezed the hardware and the result was incredible good. All the stages are colorist and we could deform the stage modelled to give it a cartoon aestetic. We had a lot of poligon amount problems, but we created new tools to control the number of simultaneous poligons on screen. The characters were created with the guide lines of comic and cartoon as well. The animations were motion capture technique, but they were manually revised to give them a more exagerated motion.

The result was an innovating game in playability and aestetic.It created a new videogame style, which other companys have followed with a bigger budged.


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