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Final Artwork: I added some more details, as the clock, laticces, the sun glow, the beer can, translucentcy to the plastics, noise to the sand texture...Finally it was rendered with Vray, using only a Vray light for ilumination. Then, it was touched on Photoshop to give Motion Blur to the ball and the sand. The total number of polygons is about 450.000. it took me about 7 hours rendering on a PentiumIII 750 Mhz.


Step 5: At this point, I've decided to make a sand sculpture about the church for many reasons. I created several sand textures for different things (ground, sculpture, sand lumps, flying sand...). I added few beach details I going to improve latter. I added too, a ball collision agaist the square tower. I going to improve latter too. I added too, the cloudy sky, it look much better this way. I have to add more detail to some church parts, like doors hinges and lattices on windows. I'm going to add some noise to make it more sand sculpture look.


Step 4: Lighting test. I used Vray renderer. There are only a vray light as the sun and a skylight on scene.


Step 3: All main things are modelled, even the surroundings of the church. Now it's ready to add details to make it appear more reallistic, and prepair the model for texturing.


Step 2. The modelled of the hexagonal tower is finished. The square tower is almost finished, I didn't start the forge belfry sited on the top. The most of the front and the main entrance are done as well. In total there are 62000 polys.


Step 1. I've just done the hexagonal tower and the cornice of the front façane (56790 polys).


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