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Thirsty Fish: I first created this static image to practice with Real Flow. It's about a thirsty fish that is hellbend for beer. The water splash, as I said, was created using Real Flow, the rest of the scene was modelled and textured with 3dsMax 7. Vray was the render engine. It was postprocesed with Combustion and Photoshop.

While creating the static image, I realized that a complete story can be explained with all material created. I had an animated fish, a water splash... I only had to add few cameras, animate them, postprocese all footage and add some good music using Adobe Premier. The result is the short movie called "Thirsty Fish" as well.


Click the icon to download "Thirsty Fish" Short Movie 7.7mb).



Thirsty Fish image.


Detail of the fish and the water splash that creates while jumping.


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