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HELLO FLOWERZ (Virtual Toys)

Year of publication: 2010

Platform: Nintendo DSiWare - PSP/PS3 minis- Developer and Publisher: Virtual Toys.

I designed and produced this video game for Nintendo DSiWare and PSP/PS3 minis.

"Hello Flowerz" for DSiWare was the first produced version. Once it was finished, I redesigned all layouts and game controls for PSP, so, instead of using NDS Stylus, it could be played using cross-pad and buttons on a PSP or PS3 platforms.

I was in charge of the game design and controlling the game play, graphics quality and the schedule for the entire project.


"Hello Flowerz" is the gardening game where you have fun with flowers.

Grow trays of colorful flowers to keep winning even more special seeds and decorations.

In "Hello Flowerz" you can sow your favourite flowers and look after them every day helping them grow into healthy beautiful flowers.

Use your flowers to create wonderful bouquets and enter them in competitions that are run regularly.

Landscape your own gardens, transplant flowers and arrange various items.

So, put on your gloves, grab your tools and... start showing off your flowers!


Scored 80 - IGN

Hello Flowerz surprisingly checks in one of the deepest and most engaging, yet most subtle experiences in the DSi Shop.

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Scored 80 - PSPminis

Whether you love gardening but aren’t fortunate enough to have your own garden or you have always wanted to try a bit of gardening but just seem to kill everything you try to grow Hello Flowerz promises to be the game for all your horticultural urges

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Scored 70 - NintendoWorldReport

Hello Flowerz is a very laid-back game. It’s a game you will want to pick up for a few minutes and then put it away until tomorrow.

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Scored 60 - Nintendo Life

If you're looking for a "game" which you can play a few minutes every day that doesn't really require a lot of effort, Hello Flowerz is probably your best bet.

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DSiWare version



PSP/PS3 minis version



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